Airtel offering free 5 MB What’s app daily

Airtel one touch internet offer has already been described on our site,It offer users free internet trails,this offer is a part of airtel one touch,Whats’s app as we know is one of the most used messenger around the world it let’s users stay connected free of cost,no need to pay for sending sms or sharing attachments with friends.

What’s app is free for the first year and then is costs just 0.99$ per year, it a cross platform messenger available for all the major platforms.

With one touch internet airtel is offering free access to Facebook,twitter,YouTube and what’s app for airtel prepaid subscribers.
How to activate:-
To activate the free whats’s app offer just goto this link from your airtel sim,the offer will get activated enjoy free access to what’s app for the whole day,once you have used it you can re-activate it again the next day,activate it every day and enjoy free what’s app,you can do this till 10 days.
Additional details:-
  • All trials except YouTube(20 min) will expire by midnight,
  • Only prepaid users can avail this offer,
  • A prepaid user can take upto a max of 5 trials in a day,you can check my account page for the number of free trials left,
  • For prepaid data pack users :-Browsing on the page,learning videos eShopping, Travel, News, Sports, Free Facebook cards are free

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