Download WWE Immortals game for Android free

WWE immortals is now available for Android free,The Android phones with 4.0 v and above are supported,The game is a great fun developed by the Mortal kombat team,The game features WWE wrestlers with a wide range of skins.

Big Show is a barbarian Mountain Giant. Diva Brie Bella is an Ice Witch, Undertaker is a Necromancer. You can assemble team of characters and fight against other online opponents,Combat is simple tap on the screen to unleash the strings of punchs and kicks ,the game will direct you the action for heavy attacks.

Game features:-
1)Fight :Fight with the opponents using the screen mechanics swipe and tap for combo
2)Massive roaster:Play a fantastical version of your favorite super stars:John cena ,The Bella twins hulk.
3)Level up:Build move sets ,get level ups,get powerups
4)Online multiplayer:Compete with other online players and earn rewards,watch the replays of your previous matches.
5)Graphics:Enjoy the awesome 3D graphics,with customised animations.

Download the game here
Install the game and begin the fun

Video trailer:-


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