Exclusive What’s app trick to get meanings of all What’s app emojis

Today we have another awesome trick for what’s app ,First on net ,Get The exact meaning of all the smileys and emojis at what’s app,No more need to understand and assume the meanings of the emojis ,With this simple trick you can easily point out what an emoji says.
What’s app is one of the most popular messaging service,Communicate with all your friends using text,voice,,videos,images and many more ,Make your chat more realistic with emotions and smileys,Download it here.

The procedure is described steps by steps follow and refer the screenshots.
1)Goto what’s app and put any smiley in the text box as shown below.

2)Next select the smiley and click copy or cut.

3)Once the smiley gets copied in your clipboard ,Download the Bing android app and open it,
4)Click on the search icon and paste the smiley(You will see no smiley here ,Just paste it)
5)Once you have pasted the smiley hit enter ,and see the result.

The whole process is really very simple you can do this for any emoji/smiley.
Bonus tip:-
At Bing you can also search with emotions in sentences like search,How to quit (cigarette symbol) and get the results accordingly.

And get the results

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