Freebies of the day-Send Postgrams,Free game from EA and Free little soya sample

Presenting some of the irresistible freebies fro the day,This time you will surprise your friends with a real postcard delivered to there home,Buy a game by EA Absolutely free and grab a free sample of little soya,the offer along with the details are mentioned below.


1)Send real postcards to friends free:-Postagram an app that lets you send real postcards to your friends,choose the photos,and mail them to anyone,Postagram is available as an android,ios app or facebook app once you download the app,allow the access and choose the photos,create postcards and send it.
2)Free theme hospital game by EA:-Grab theme hospital game by EA free from the origin website,it is a clinic management game where you need to design and build hospital,Treat patients suffering from afflictions,hire staff members and keep them happy,grab the game here
3)Free sample of little soya:-Experience the best soya sause with less sodium,the company is offering you the first taste free but,if you get addicted ,you need to pay for your further purchases, request the free sample here


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