Make International calls at local rates with Ringo (Without internet)

Now you can make international calls at the rate of Local calls without the use of Internet,This has been made possible by an app called Ringo an app by Riva,The app was already operation in 16 countries and now has been launched in India byDirecti.
About the app:-
This app is a boon for those looking for making high-quality overseas calls at cheap rates,So with this families and friends could be in touch no matter how far they are this app will also  be useful to companies dealing with international clients,This app claims to offer calls at rhe rates about 70% lower than those offered by mobile phone companies and credit based calls over Skype or Viber.
Directi Founder Mr Bhavin Turakhia say that “This model could well disrupt India’s market for overseas calls, where an estimated $2 billion is spent annualy”.He also said that” We believe our app will change the way India communicates with the world” and added that “In this country, reliable internet connectivity that can support VOIP calling is still far away. Ringo provides the perfect solution for Indian consumers who want to stay in touch with their family, friends and colleagues abroad reliably and at a low-cost”.
Here is the International calling rates of Ringo Vs Other mobile Communication Companies

This app can be downloaded for free on iOS, Android and Windows Phone app stores.
How to begin:-
Ringo app is quite easy to use and has a pretty good user interface,All you need to do is just Open the app, find the international number you wish to call (all international numbers saved in your phonebook get added to the app automatically), see the calling rate alongside and dial,After the call, you can go to transactions and view the total amount you may have spent on the call.
The payment for the calls would be done on credit basis,you need to buy credits(starting @ Rs 30) before you make any call.
Just like using a pre-paid mobile connection, You can add cash for making international calls by using net banking, debit or credit cards. The charges don’t get deducted from the pre-paid mobile balance. The money or calling credits in the app stay valid for a year. ”

Turakhia aims for the app to become worldwide leader in this field within a period of  five years,For casual users this app is expected to be one of the favorite but lets see how a serious businessman would use it,This app has currently over 170,000 users.
With the launch of this app the revenues of telecom service providers would be seriously affected,It is expected that these telecom service providers would also come up with some great offers in order to counteract this move by Directi.
In the Midst of all this its ultimately the customers who will be benefited.

More about Ringo:-


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