Refer your friends to Download Avast and get free License

Avast Internet security provides maximum protection for all your online activities,it protects your home network,enables you to secure your transactions and employs a firewall for your to protect you from the hackers,The general cost for license is 1399 Rs for 1 year,2099 for 2 years and 2079 for 3 years but you can get it absolutely free by just referring your friends.

The criteria:-
1)Recommend to 7 friends and get your Internet Security license (1 PC, 1 year)-Recommend Avast to one of your friends and get 250 points,
2)Recommend to 14 friends and get your Internet Security license (1 PC, 2 years)-Recommend Avast to more than 7 friends and get 500 points,
3)Recommend to 21 friends and get your Internet Security license (1 PC, 3 years)-Recommend Avast to more than 14 friends and get 750 points,
4)Recommend Avast to more than 21 friends and get 1000 points.
To start just goto this link and signup for your account,after signing up you need to verify your email,verify the email and login to your account,then again goto the above link and you will see a window as follows copy your link address and share it with your friends directly on the social networks or send them the link personally,you can get the license from the rewards link once your friends download the software. Once your friend installs avast using your link and starts using it a credit is added to your account,you can see the credit score in your account within few hours,when the credit score reaches the required number,you will get the points.

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