Write a Review and win gift voucher from snapdeal.com

Snapdeal has launched a contest “Write a review”  which will last till 25th January,Write reviews for the products you purchased and win rewards,Create a review,share it on social networks ,and win rewards,The rewards are as follows.

1)The top reviewer will be awarded Nexus 5 mobile,
2)Next top 5 reviewer  will be awarded gift vouchers worth Rs 1000,
3)And next top 100 reviewers will be awarded  gift vouchers worth rs 200.

To participate in this contest:-
Go to My order page and click on ‘Rate Now’/ ‘Write a Review’ button against each purchased product to write and submit your review.
1)The duration of contest is upto two weeks,
2)There is no limit for number of products you can review,
3)But you can write only one review per product (and only for those products which are listed in your my orders list).

Judgement criteria:-
1)A detailed review with is required,so show your own unique way of writing use images,videos,
2)The reviews will also get weighted the basis of usefulness it serves to other customers,
3)More like=More chances of winning so try to grab maximum likes from social networks.

More the number of reviews you write, greater will be your chance to win.
Terms and conditions:-
1)The contest will end on 25th,
2)Snapdeal reserves the right to remove or disqualify inappropriate reviews unsuitable for audience,
3) All the disputes will be handled by snapdeal evaluation team,
4)Write at least one review to participate.


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