Now you can transfer Paytm balance to your Bank account

Finally after a lot of requests from the users,Paytm has Enabled the users to transfer their wallet balance to their bank accounts,Paytm is one of the largest Mobile recharge platform,with over 20mn registered users and Upto 15mn orders per month. All the Paytm Wallet users can now transfer Paytm wallet balance to their bank accounts follow the steps below.
To initiate the transfer goto and click paytm wallet from a drop down under your name,you will have 3 options ,Latest transaction,Send money or Transfer to bank ,click on the transfer option and provide your bank details,the transfer occur in few days.

1)Cashbacks cannot be transfered because they are a part of promotions,it can be used only for recharge and shopping,
2)Minimum amount required for bank transfer is 2000 Rs,
3)2% processing fee for each transfer,
4)Paytm Mobile and email must be verified for transfers.


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