Kqingdom-A messaging app that shares revenue with its users

Earn money from Kqingdom, an instant text and video messaging app that let’s us send self destructive message,it offers users 50% revenue share on the basis of its usage,the more you use,the more you can earn,to get a good start every user is given 1000 points as joining bonus,your share for profit is deposited in a digital wallet.

The app has already gained 900+ user base,the app claims to offer advantage over other apps ,offering all in one packages to the users.

Mr. Lucky Gupta from KQingdom says ,” The business model of all social apps is driven by their user base, and their continued active participation. Effectively, the users are responsible for their sky rocketing valuations with our personal profile information, network connections, and posting of content, while the chat app just provides a platform. However, users end up being short-changed, while the app promoters and investors mint billions. KQingdom management believes that they are correcting this imbalance by partnering with its Users and forging a strong bond with them.”
he added “In future, the users will be able to collect their rewards in the form of digital money transfer, cash into digital wallet, coupon, discounts, and vouchers, once the company is profitable. The User’s respective profit share at the annual profit declaration will be determined as a percentage of User’s accumulated KQingdom Coins (called “KQins”) over total net KQins of all Users.”

Kqins earn rates:-
1)Join Kqingdom and get 1000 on the same day,
2)Get referral credit from New users-1000 Kqins on same day,
3)Send message Upto 20 Kqins,only for first 10 sends,
4)Daily login-10 Kqins per day,
5)View received messages-Upto 20 kqins for first 20 views.

The more kqins you have in comparison to other users ,more will be your share,max share is limited to 50%,the app has various like chat,rank and photo blogging,it also includes:-self destructible messages and sticker maker,the ranking offer lets the users rank the items in the gallery and also lets them check the global rankings.
Download link:-Android,ios.


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