Rs. 500 Groupon Credits Rs. 95, Rs. 2500 Groupon Credits Rs. 1450, Rs. 10000 Groupon Credits Rs. 7450 – Groupon

With today’s deal you get a discount on Groupon Credit which will help you when you buy anything on Groupon.
• Offer 1: Pay Rs. 100 and Get Rs. 500 in Groupon Credits.
• Offer 2: Pay Rs. 1500 and Get Rs. 2500 in Groupon Credits.
• Offer 3: Pay Rs. 7500 and Get Rs. 10000 in Groupon Credits.
5% off upto Rs. 50 from: PayUMoney (Sign Up > I am a Buyer. Select PayUMoney Payment Option on Groupon.)
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