Online Missed call bomber/Flooder script

Now a days , scripts are in craze. 😍Everybody’s loves scripts whether they are of refer and earn or irritating your friends for whatever the reason may be either to gain fame or to have fun..😜 That’s why we too decided to start posting some scripts now. Today we’re going to post online Miss Call Flooder Script.🙋 People call it Missed Call Bomber too.. 😋

About Missed Call Bomber-

Now without wasting time, Let me introduce you about Missed Call Bomber Script. This is an online script which does not needs any registration to use. Everyone is free to use this.  Once the desired number is entered, he/she will be flooded with lots of missed calls as per your wish.. The best part of this bomber is that it contains 500+ sources which is almost impossible to block.😁 Your friend will get the missed calls from random unknown numbers starting from (+1) which is ISD Code of United States thus making him afraid. Even if your friend called customer care executives they cannot define the source of these calls and can’t block them too. At last your friend have to activate DO NOT DISTURB on his number but the best part of this bomber is that still he can’t block these incoming calls😹



  • No registration required.
  • Completely free.
  • Almost impossible to block.
  • Missed calls will come from (+1) U.S. numbers.
  • Works also if DO NOT DISTURB (DND) Activated.
  • Customer care executives can neither detect the source of these calls nor block them.
  • No need of solving captchas and wasting time. Robots are automatically blocked. Just open the link and enjoy.😊


  • As per now we have limited this bomber to 20 missed calls in a shot and two times a day for a person.
  • No other limitations.. Enjoy now..☺

How to use..?😄

1. Enter mobile number of your friend whom you wants to prank with.
2. Enter the count. (Maximum 20) Will increase depending on response.
3. Click on submit and see the game..😈


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