Electricity bill at 5 % discount + 75 cashback Amazon

We all know that all pay their electricity bills online. All peoples pay the bills from Paytm, phone pe, but i disclouse the latest trick to pay the bill and get 5 % discount + 75 rs cashback ...

Steps to be follow:-

  • buy a e-mail gift voucher from AMAZON by click here and get 5 % cashback max of 150 rs
  • Click on elctricity bill payment through amazon app or through amazon mobile version
  • Pay bill of any amount u get 10 % cashback, max of 75 rs
example :-

if you pay the electrity bill of 3000 rs, so u can earn as follow

  • when u purchase gift card of 3000 rs u get 150 rs cashback.
  • when u pay the bill than u get 75 rs cashback
so total cashback u got is 225 rs on bill of 3000 rs

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